When the 22-year old writer, Charles Dickens, accepts a job valuing the library of a deceased lord, he discovers he must embrace the supernatural in order to uncover a deadly family secret.

Director Andy Briggs

This will be Andy’s directing debut. He has spent many years as a very successful writer of both books and scripts. He has has worked extensively in America, on films such as Judge Dredd, Freddy vs Jason and a superhero film Foreverman for producer Robert Evans (The Godfather) and Stan Lee (creator Spiderman, X-Men) – as well as on numerous other film projects, including Aquaman (a DC comics superhero) and several TV series including Dark Relic and Kong: King of The Apes.

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On the night of their high school graduation, a disparate group of students must fight for survival after the student body and faculty are possessed by a demon hellbent on resurrecting the devil.

Director Jacob Cooney

An award-winning filmmaker, Jacob Cooney’s directing credits include” ‘Blood Circus” for Gravitas Ventures’, the theatrically released film “Pitching Tents” for Meritage Pictures, “The Assault” for Lionsgate Entertainment and the Cannes Film Festival selection “The Frolic”. His writing credits include projects for companies such as Lionsgate Entertainment, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Broken Films, Pantheon Entertainment, SyFy Channel and Lionsgate Television.

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After a lethal epidemic has spread all over the world, a father grapples with mounting despair as he attempts to protect his wife and daughter and maintain a sense of domestic normalcy at their isolated home in rural England.

Director Ed Christmas

Ed’s debut feature film as writer and director titled The Man With Four Legs (2017) won best feature film at the Thin Line Film Festival. With a background in cinematography, Ed has also shot several indie features as a cinematographer including Pictures Of Lily (2016). Press about Ed’s debut feature film The Man with Four Legs: “Elegantly disturbing…A genre-busting whirlwind of beautiful and insidious artistry…It has elements of A Clockwork Orange, mixed with the beautiful visuals and melodic mystique of 2005’s Pride and Prejudice.” (Film Enquiry) “A great surprise and a film that makes one think.” (UK Film Review) “In touch with every sense you could ever imagine encountering…I have honestly never experienced a film such as this one.” (Discover Denton).


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We meet Lucia (40s) and her teenage son Jeremiah (18) on a train. We don’t know where they’re going, neither do we know where they’ve come from. Their clothes are simple, plain, and their demeanour naive. All that is clear is that they seem unlike anyone else, that they are fearful, and being pursued. As their pursuers get ever closer an unnatural terror seeps into the community, blurring the distinction between what is worse: the reality that surrounds them or the mysterious forces from which they have fled.

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Three paranormal investigators trapped in a haunted van each tell a different ghost story about the vehicle in a terrifying vanthology of horror.

Director Jacob Cooney see bio earlier on this page

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Voodoo Swamp

A witchdoctor’s zombie corpse rises from a Louisiana swamp to seek revenge on the small town that condemned him.

Director Jacob Cooney See bio earlier on this page

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The Intercessor

A psychiatrist and a nun must save a grieving mother before the parasitic demon they encountered nearly forty years ago returns and consumes her soul.

Director Jacob Cooney See bio earlier on this page

Silence The Dead

A police officer links missing persons cases spanning decades to a funeral parlor with a dark, violent past.

Director Jacob Cooney See bio earlier on this page